Bhinneka Tunggal Ika my ass.

Due to recent events in Jakarta, I think it is only appropriate that I discuss this matter on my blog.

Without a doubt, I am not here to provoke any discrimination or racism but I’ve come to a point where I am deeply ashamed that I’m an Indonesian. I am not patriotic, neither do I ever want to be for this country.  This post might sound really one-sided but I’m done being sad about how my country deals with deserved justice and the law. I am more of angry now, I’m confused why there are way too many stupid people who are worth only a nasi kotak (because they are given a lunch box during every demonstration).

On May 9th, which is literally yesterday as I am writing this post, our Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama was sentenced to two years of jail time because of blasphemy. What does the term ‘blasphemy’ mean anyway?

According to, blasphemy means “impious utterance or action concerning God or sacred things.”

The truth is the clip where he was allegedly talking about the Al Quran, it was purely edited. Purely fabricated.

So why is Ahok charged? Let me break it down for you.

Ever since Ahok became the governor of this city, he’s made countless of improvements to the country, he sacrificed his time, sweat and energy to help these low-income families by building them public housing, he banished a lot of state officials who were corrupting tax payers’ money, the civilian’s money, our money. Many of you may not understand the economical state of Indonesia. Believe it or not, I come from a country where money is everything. People of all income levels are so money-hungry that they will do anything, and everything to achieve power, richness.

Another sad thing is… that the majority of the population in Jakarta is… uneducated. There, I said it. And trust me, it’s true. Most of them are only in school til middle school before they have to go out and look for jobs. I’m not saying all of them are, but most. There are only 2 types of people supporting Ahok-Djarot’s opposing team – the rich political parties (who mostly have agendas against the truthful political scene -say, they have businesses involving tons of corruption, or any that has to do with going against the law- or the uneducated, radical group.

One thing that is misinterpreted a lot is religion and race. You might not know this but just like America, racism is clearly present in Indonesia. There is a clear divide of the Chinese and Muslims. Because it is in our national pledge that religion is the first and utmost priority, a lot of Muslims think that someone of another religion, and gasp! of a Chinese descent, shouldn’t be leading the country. Why? Because muslims should stand up for each other. Let’s go back to the uneducated party – because of people like Habib Rizieq, Anies, etc, they’ve brainwashed these people by promising them impossible things. Ultimately, we can’t blame them because they didn’t continue their education. They always think the Chinese are the ones cheating the system, grabbing all the businesses but hey, take a look at the hands of your political leaders and see how much money they have corrupted from you. Bangun dong! Masa lo ga pikir sih? Pikir tuh pake otak, bukan pake mulut yang cuman bisa gede2in suara, demo2in Jakarta.

Do you think the demos in Jakarta are caused by Ahok? No! It’s by people by Habib BERISIK. Simple gitu aja masa ga make sense sih to you? Makan kebanyakan micin ya?

Being Islam is not wrong. Being a Muslim is never wrong. It is not your religion nor your race at fault. But it’s because of these people who misuse the man power. who desperately needs to use religion as a bait to make Ahok the scapegoat.

Like I said, being Islam/Muslim is not wrong. It is not their fault, not every muslim/Islam person I know agree with Anies/Rizieq, a lot of them even supports Ahok-Djarot. Thankfully, most -perhaps- all my muslims friends are on the same side as I am. The really sad thing is being a Chinese and Christian leader in Indonesia, is however, definitely really wrong.

You wanted a clean leader without any any corruption, who can build great infrastructure and who can lead the city. Now that you get it – what do you do? You put him in jail.

I’m so disappointed. I’m incredibly devastated at how the right people end up in jail and the wrongs run free. I’m saddened at how the law is so hazy in my country, where my home is supposed to be.

I have never been this patriotic nor do I think I’m entitled to this opinion because I didn’t grow up here. I didn’t feel a connection to this country only recently when Ahok entered the office and made many changes to our city. Because of him I felt proud to be indonesian. Now, not anymore. I choose not to vote for future elections because I know my voice doesn’t matter. Now it’s clear how dirty politics in Indonesia is. Our voices don’t matter, because at the end of the day, money talks. Power talks. It’s too fucked up.

Lastly, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika my ass.

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