A Night in Guang Zhou

I wouldn’t ever consider myself an artsy person. If anything, I wouldn’t even consider myself having an eye for design. I just can’t seem to see art like a lot of people do. Heck, I can’t even make my Instagram account look aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

However, since my dear mother started taking interest in photography, I was inspired by her to take on this as a hobby as well. Because of my work experiences in the F&B industry and when I was working as a marketing manager, I had to take over the Instagram account of the restaurant. Every week I had to take photos of dishes and update the social media, and since Jakarta’s F&B scene is on the rise, I realized that pictures of food/events/promotions posted on social media affect how people think and the pictures have to be appealing enough to spark an interest. But that’s a whole new topic for the future.

To sum it up, I’ve always loved to take on photography as a hobby. My first camera was bought by my grandmother and it was a Fujifilm point and shoot at the age of 13. Young me only used it for selfies so I could up my selfie game on Friendster and I remembered trying to discover different tools on Photoshop such as slimming my face, body… talk about all those crooked lines which I did not take notice of (designers/photographers know what I’m talking about. I’ve tried Lomography, I’ve tried Polaroid, I’ve tried semi DSLR, I’ve tried DSLRs. And my mother has been the one supporting me from the start.

I’m really lucky to have a Sony A6300 as my first DSLR and I didn’t even have to ask for it. My mum has an awesome kit lens and I brought 2 lens along with me on my trip.

This time, I tried to shoot something new. My friend has talked about street photography, something I’m not used to. The closest thing to street photography that I’ve tried is candid shots by my mum/sis of me. Instead of food, make up or still live, I went out one breezy night to take pictures of… basically, anything. Here’s what I’ve taken. Enjoy.

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