28 November 2014.

This can’t be true, I thought. He could not be this daring. It can’t be. This must be a mistake.

His and Hers. Two names. Under one reservation for a one bedroom villa.

Who is she? The person he told me not to worry about? Why are there only two tickets?

He looked straight into my eyes. “We’re going with a few friends.” He even named them all.
I believed him. What was I thinking? What was he thinking?

As usual, for the whole week, he’s been missing in and out of my life, still only meeting me only to his convenience. He’d met me that very Monday for my sister’s birthday, he came because he was leaving for Bali later that week.

Thursday. That day I dreaded finally came. Off he went with two tickets in his hand, acting like everything’s fine, knowing that I’d take him back after.

He went missing that day. No replies. No “last seen”. No calls. Nothing. Na-da.

I grew suspicious, as always. The thing about this guy is … he would make me feel psycho for being suspicious. Suspicious, I was.

God is good, I wish I knew that from the start. Familiar names who he’d mentioned to me┬áturned out to be physically in Jakarta instead of Bali. My friends bumped into them.

God is really good to me.

I picked up my phone, my hands shaking. Even though my gut was telling me to believe in┬áthe truth, I didn’t want to believe it. After all… how can he still have the guts to lie? Straight into my eyes? How toxic/unloving can he be to look into my eyes and lie like it’s no big deal?

I freaked out. I texted. I called his number.


I dialed the number of the villa.

“Hello, can you connect me to the room under the name SS?”

“Sure miss, hold on a second.”

Up til today, I could remember where I was sitted, the tshirt I was wearing, to the voice of the man as I made that call. I was shaking at this point.

“Hello?” A familiar voice answered.

Silence. No words came out.

“What the fuck. So it’s true.” I blurted.

This was what he said – “Hold on Mum, I’ll call you back” *click*

I froze in place.

What the actual fuck.

He never got back to me. He never called me back. He never returned any of my messages.

That weekend was the darkest period of my life. I hit my lowest low.

When he got back, he came over. Crying. Apologizing. Yada yada.

Of course, I forgave him after. Funny thing was when I asked him why he hadn’t gotten back to me, he said “Since I was there, I might as well make the best out of it [with her].” He could even smile and laugh about it in front of me.


Who’s the real psycho?

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