April Favorites

It’s here again, the new month, a new page on my planner, a new chapter. Where have all these months gone? Time really does fly when you are having fun. April was yet another month of fun and me feeling so so so blessed everyday. I’ve come a long way to feel this way and I’m so proud of where I am today.

I wasn’t in town for the 2nd half of the month, as I am writing this right now I had just came back from my very first legit (yet relaxed) business trip with my parents to China and Hong Kong. A lot of items that I’ve featured are finds that I brought along with me on my trip. I always bring along way too much make up on my trips but I try to minimize (a lot) this time round. Here goes : my favorites of the month…..

PONY EFFECT Contouring Master Palette in #Marvelous

We always think that if a make up artist releases their own makeup line or at least collaborate with a brand, then the quality would be exceptional because who better else to tell us what’s good for us or not than the experts of the industry themselves? Not true. Take for instance NikkieTutorial’s collaboration with Too Faced, no shade but it was a disaster. But what about Pony Effect? For this particular palette, I believe that it really did live up to my expectations.

First of all, we gotta come into terms that not all Korean brands cater to dark-skinned individuals. If so, I must say, most of the brands I know do not carry dark colored foundations. For instance, just take a look at this palette. It is super light but I don’t mind it. If anything, it’s good, in my opinion. For me, makeup shouldn’t be pigmented alllll the time, especially for contouring powders. I love how the contour powder looks on the hollows of my cheeks. It’s also probably because I am very fair-skinned (NC20 for your reference), so the color translates really well. The peachy cool-toned blush is also amazing; it is subtle yet it gives you a nice flush of color for those no-makeup makeup days. The yellow powder really reminded me of the Ben Nye Banana Powder (famed by the one and only Kim Kardashian). I remember wanting to buy the Ben Nye powder for the longest time but never got to it. Now I have it in this palette and it is pretty cool to see how it brightens my under eye. I used it to set my undereye concealer, although I’m sure I won’t be using it on a daily basis as it may look pretty thick under my eyes. I never really use undereye concealers on a daily basis anyway. The highlighter was just okay. It’s just like any other highlighter, and it can be categorize as a more subtle glow. There isn’t a lot of glitter pigments so it won’t give you that blinding highlight – which is okay for me.

Not sure how much this palette retails for but I paid around Rp 400.000 to a friend who helped me bring it back. Overall, I think it’s a good deal although the pans might look small. But I never really hit pan on any of my products anyway (I know, I know. I’m a loyal person, but I have to have a lot of choices when it comes to make up). Super recommended!

Eyelid Tape from Bloom Beauty (@bloombeauty_store)

I love eyelid tapes. In fact, I have written about a few that I’ve tried in the market (here’s the post), and I’ve been an eyelid tape user for the longest time even though I’ve had my eyes done non-surgically. After a couple of years, it seems like my eyelids have sagged a little and my double eyelid isn’t as big as it used to be. So I used eyelid tapes to make my eyes appear bigger. I’ve noticed tons of Indonesian make up artists with their different techniques in applying eyelid tapes on brides and they really do “open up” the eyes which makes eye shadow application easier too.

One that I’ve been loving is from Bloom Beauty Store on Instagram – it is affordable, it is pretty invisible even though it’s sticker-like and it is also skin-colored. I opted for the large size as I like to make my eyes bigger because I already have a pair of double eyelids but just not big enough. The bigger, the better, they say. 😉

Sometimes when you opt for plastic sticker eyelid tapes, they get shiny at the end of the day, and the glue doesn’t hold up really well. But this one does. It’s simple and really does what it advertised.

I’ve tried different ways to apply eyeshadow over eyelid tapes. The best way for me is to first stick the eyelid tape on my eyes, then apply MAC’s Paint Pot (in Soft Ocre -I can totally hear the voices of beauty gurus as I typed this out as it’s a cult classic in the beauty world) and blend it all over the lids as you would if you were to use it as an eyeshadow primer, and set it with a beige eyeshadow powder, and proceed as usual.

3CE Liquid Lip Color

This is probably one of the newer discoveries I’d stumbled upon in Singapore. Before heading to China, I transited a couple of days in Singapore where I had time to look around in Sephora. Of course, I had grab a couple things. Recently, American makeup products haven’t really stood up to me. Aaaand… since some of my readers have asked me whether I’ve tried Korean brands (I haven’t), I decided to research on it. One that I found which is sold in Jakarta (without the pre-order system) is 3CE on the LoveandFlair website. I thought it was pricey at Rp 380.000+/-, so I passed it up. Coincidentally, I found the same brand in Sephora Singapore and I had a couple of dollars to spare, so why not. I bought their Liquid Lip Color in Vanity and Low Down. which I thought was really pretty on a fair skin like mine. Recently, I’ve also been venturing out to soft peachy colors for my lips and blush and found that 3CE’s peach/nude colors are really pretty.

It applies on velvety and comes in a squeeze tube with a doe-foot applicator with a opening in the middle where the product will be squeezed through. You’ll get what I mean when you see the picture. I think the applicator is rather weird and it does not deposit product evenly on your lips. But I have a bad habit of tapping products all over my lips so it doesn’t really bother me.

I find the product to be rather drying though. Even though it is similar to Rollover Reaction’s texture, I found this to be more watery but drying, which is totally weird. I mix it up with Rollover Reaction’s FLUSHED lip stains because the two products gave me the best of both worlds.

Rollover Reaction FLUSHED! Collection

A lot of my readers were waiting for a review on this and I had to wait it out because I knew this was going to be featured on my April Favorites post. Okay, you’ve heard me say this way too many times but Rollover Reaction does it again. When this first launched, I immediately had to buy it. Prior to that, I’d read a review by Female Daily and they weren’t too fond of it. I admit, I am a loyal reader of Female Daily and began to have my doubts. But no, no, I can’t be affected by it.

When the products came, of course they came in a nice box, and RR had also included their birthday stickers and a mirror too so thank you. The boxes were different this time, they were glittery and not matte, which is how their line this time differs from the SUEDED! release.

The product packaging itself is in a sleek gold color with a twist top, which reminds me a lot of YSL Touche Eclat concealer but with a twist top. Many people are confused with the packaging (I do not know why), but you’re supposed to twist it clockwise and for a while before the product comes out. The concept of this lippie release is entirely different from their SUEDED collection which I totally do not mind as well, because this shows how innovative they are. Good job Rollover Reaction!

One thing that not many people will agree with me on is how I truly love love loveeee the scent. It gives off a “Ketan Hitam” smell, and it leaves me wanting to lick the product off my lips. The lip stain is infused with Aloe too so it is super moisturizing. Since it is a stain, it can be used all over the face (well, not literally), but you can apply it on your lips, on your cheeks, on your eyes as an eyeshadow (I have not tried this). This lip stain as a blush does the job perfectly. I like to apply it before setting it with another powder blush or just RR for a bit of color on my cheeks.

My favorite shade is Thulian and Paloma, although Paloma is more of my favorite. I’ve brought all these on my business trip and have used this more often than the rest.

NAKED 2 Basics Palette

This is an old product I’ve had which is a rediscovered favorite. Need I really say more about this palette? I am more a cool-toned eyeshadow girl and think that this is a really good starter palette. It has all the shades you need for an everyday look.

Tweezerman Tweezers

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always bought cheap tweezers for my whole life. It wasn’t until I converted to Tweezerman then I knew I couldn’t buy any other brands. The price is rather steep, yes I understand, but Tweezerman offer a lifelong warranty and free sharpening service when your tweezer gets blunt. So technically, if you do the math (or my math, in this case), you literally only need to buy one for the rest of your life. BUT! I tend to lose/misplace my tweezers so very often that this one is my third one. I gotta say though, i haven’t found anything just like it. It costs about $20USD or Rp 270.000 in Sephora Indonesia (I’m not sure why they don’t have the cheaper alternative online). You may think you’re saving a bit of money getting the smaller one but trust me, it’s not as good as the standard size tweezer. It is the best and I never really buy any other brands (I’ve tried). Do yourself a favor and get a good tweezer to get rid of fine hairs. I use them for everything – tweezing my brows, my pits, my leg hair, grabbing my fake lashes, etc. They are so so so precise.


Let me lay it out there, one thing I’m really insecure about is my hair. My scalp is really weird and I’m really not sure if it’s the weather or it’s my scalp in humid countries but my hair tend to get really oily and flat at the end of the day. I’m sure you’ve heard that we’re not supposed to wash our hair everyday but I can’t seem figure out why my scalp gets oily within 24 hours. But I came across this shampoo. I was on the lookout for a travel sized shampoo and I’ve tried Daddy-O, Lush’s shampoo catered to colored hair. At first it did wonders and my scalp was happy. But long enough, it became “immune” to it and started getting oily and flat. It’s a cycle and I have to keep looking for new shampoos to try. After trying a couple of different shampoos, I figured that my scalp loves natural ingredients more so than those that are too chemically.

The “I love Juicy” shampoo smells so good. If you’re not a fan of mango scented products, skip this one. But this aims to create volume and take out the oiliness in our scalp. So far, it’s been doing what it’s advertised and my scalp isn’t oily in 24 hours. But I tried that in China and HK, so I’m not sure if it’ll react the same way now that I’m back. We’ll see and I’ll update you if you’re curious! I love Lush products, they hold a special place in my heart vanity/bath.

Other favorites (not beauty-related)

One of my friends have requested a post on other favorites such as books, movies, songs, etc, and I didn’t really know what you want to know, so here’s a few other favorites I can include.

Online Purchase

One thing I noticed about traveling is that it is best to travel light. Choosing which bag to bring is extremely hard for me as I take in consideration a lot of things such as 1. Are the places I’ll be traveling to safe? 2. Do I need a zipper for my bag in order to avoid pickpockets? 3. Do I need to bring extras such as tissues, lipbalm, umbrella etc because of the weather condition?

As an example, I find that the US is one of the most convenient places to travel to because I really don’t need to bring much on a day-to-day basis, I literally just need my phone, my debit card, my ID and probably an umbrella if I’m in Seattle. Just these things and I’m set. However, on the other hand, for instance if I’m going around China, I need to take in consideration that it isn’t really safe and there are pickpockets all around. They also don’t provide paper bags so you have to bring your own shopping bag, an umbrella, lip balm, a wallet, phone, a powerbank, a book for when you’re stuck in traffic, a bottled water because water isn’t available anywhere, neither can you confirm that it’s clean/safe, and so many more. Of course, this is just my situation.

I brought two bags with me to China and Hong Kong – a Proenza Schouler bag (PS1) and a initial canvas bag from @mitandesigns. Guess which one I use more often… the canvas bag. It is so practical because it literally fits in the pocket of my Rimowa when folded. My PS1 is practical too with all the compartments which is why I love the bag for traveling; for me, it is the best bag to take on a flight because I am a damn messy person and I have all these pockets to set my things apart from one another. It fits two books as well so that’s why I love it.

But the Momo tote from Mitan Designs though…. It’s super light and fits a lot. I could carry it on my shoulders, it is also narrow enough so that pickpockets have no chance to fit their hands into it.

It retails for IDR 170.000 and you can get it here.


This month, I read a couple of books that were interesting and some that were boring. I’m guilty of not finishing a lot of books because I get distracted really quickly but here’s a book that I can recommend called “The Life-Changing Magic of NOT GIVING A F*CK”. This is a super light read and it might be a tad be repetitive but the thing about books that I noticed is that… a lot of self-help/motivational books do have the same idea but it’s just written in a different way depending on each author.

The reason why I like self-help/motivational books is because I am constantly reminding of the “right” way of doing something. Each author just lays out how the world works and how people think, how we apply something to our lives… that sorta stuff. I don’t know if I’m making sense.


Image result for lala land

I would think I’m very hard to please when it comes to movies (read my Fast and Fast 8 review here). When it gets too mind-fucking, I don’t like it. When it gets too predictable, a “nope” in my book. When it gets too sappy/cheesy, no no noooo.

But… I know I’m really late on this. But my favorite movie recently is… LA LA LAND. I am freaking obsessed with it.

She told me:

“A bit of madness is key

To give us new colors to see

Who knows where it will lead us?

And that’s why they need us”

A couple days ago on a flight back, I finally got to watch La La Land. Finally, after waiting on ages to watch it. I’d pulled off watching this movie because I wanted the hype to die down. But now, as you can see, La La Land has gained another fan girl. After tears, unexpected smirks and laughter, I have decided that this is at the top tier cluster of my favorite movies, and I’d bought it on Apple TV so that says something.

However, I am having a hard time coming to terms with the ending. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it. But but but but! The movie explores way too many “what-if”s and “what-could-have-been”s. I hate that part, that’s the only part I hated – the ending! I’ll probably be blogging about my very own analysis of this movie so stay tuned!


“Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been.'”

John Greenleaf Whittier 


  1. So unfortunate you didn’t make any lip swatches for Rollover Reaction FLUSHED! collection.
    Btw i really love the way you included random favorite things rather than just beauty stuffs.
    Keep it coming!

    PS: I love your movie annalist!


    1. Hello! RR’s FLUSHED! Collection is all I have on my lips this past month if you see my pictures on @celinedee__ 🙂 I’ll probably include the lip swatches soon, thank you for the idea!


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