Female Daily x Lactacyd Herbal Event

** This post is not in any way sponsored/paid. All opinions are of my own. This is an entry to a blog competition **

I was told once of this expression – [I am/you are] as confused as a blind lesbian in a fish market. Get it get it? If you don’t, that means you aren’t into dark humor.

Never mind about that. So, a few weeks ago, as some of my friends already know, my period came irregularly and lasted for more than a week. It’s really out of the ordinary, considering my periods only last for about 5 days. But you know how our bodies are, they are as confusing as … a blind lesbian in a fish market.

But I was in desperate need to look for something to “freshen” up my down there. I think it’s so taboo not to be talking about things like female hygiene and I really don’t understand why I can’t be honest about the female anatomy. But you and I both know that periods tend to be dirty and messy, especially at the end of the day.

One product I have used in order to solve that musky problem is Lactacyd. It was purely coincidental that Female Daily invited me to a blogger gathering with Lactacyd on the 8th of April.

As Lactacyd introduced their newly launched product, Lactacyd Herbal, they have a number of speakers/spokesperson who were present on that day to elaborate more on the said product. I was thrilled that kak Affi Assegaf, Co-Founder of Female Daily, was present during that day. As a skincare advocate seen on Female Daily’s Youtube channel, she would only recommend products that are thumbs up for our skin. Among the other speakers were Debby Widianti (Lactacyd’s Brand Manager), Benyamin Wuisan (the company’s Marketing Manager, Anna Surti Ariani (Psychologist) and Mrs Donita (Lactacyd’s Brand Manager).

A topic that was frequently brought up is how women have different roles and responsibilities in their lives and sometimes without time management, we undergo high levels of stress and are often underestimated by people around us. So, one thing that we may keep in control is our hygiene as it proves to be linked to our sense of self-confidence, according to Ms. Anna.

We also talked about how to control the stress is our lives by prioritizing what’s Urgent VS Important, led by Mrs Donita who recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy. For as long as she was on stage, all I could think about was how thin she was and that she must have been really strict with her diet.

In addition to prioritizing our activities, we should also Avoid, Alter, Adapt, and Accept. Ms Anna explained that those were the steps that we have to keep reminding ourselves, and also to manage ourselves in order to gain self confidence which includes getting to know ourselves (our positives and negatives), eliminating things that don’t matter to us, our health, our relationships, our support groups and most importantly, our very own hygiene and how we present ourselves.

Our own personal hygiene was frequently mentioned because … what better way to feel slightly more confident than being clean? I do admit sometimes I do feel the difference showering before work in comparison to showering after (hey, a girl can get lazy too okay?). Furthermore, we not only have to keep our bodies clean but also our vjayjay. Although I know for a fact that it isn’t safe to over wash our down there, it is safe to use it from time to time especially after a long day.

So, after attending this event and receiving a free sample of the Lactacyd Herbal (I swear, isn’t it such a coincidence?), I can assure that it does exactly as advertised. The Lactacyd Herbal contains extracts of betel leaves (daun sirih), milk and roses, all of which adds to its herbal, fresh scent. It leaves our intimate body part feeling soft and of course, without that musky scent. Lactacyd is claimed to be dermatologist tested and approved, according to Ms Debby, who is Lactacyd’s Brand Manager.

One more thing, I truly don’t understand why our down there is often called our Miss V; I think it seems really taboo for people to talk about it here and the first time I heard of that term was in a Cosmoplitan magazine when I was younger. But hey, it’s called a Vagina and I think everyone should be more comfortable in calling it its scientific term because we should be proud of our intimate body parts. Ask me and I’ll talk about vaginas without any shame, but that’s just me.

Woo, enough rambling and back to Lactacyd. Definitely, I will be repurchasing Lactacyd once I’m finished with this sample. I truly believe that it’s one way to clean our intimate areas and I saw that Lactacyd also have wipes that you can bring on the go as well. After all, are there any other leading brands of feminine wash in the market? Nope. I’ve only heard of Vagisil but that’s only available in the states. But this will do. 🙂

** Here’s a little snippet that I took with my phone. I lost all video footage taken from my camera but I did save a few pictures. So bumped out 😦 **

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