Too Fast, Not Furious.

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Fast and Furious 8. I really wanted to like you.

And look at the title I chose for you- cheesy huh? Yeap. That’s how you are.

You’re like an ex boyfriend I go back to time and time again. With every movie, your stories gets better and better. At least that’s how I thought; until I knew it was the final last time I’m going to see you. The 8th. It took 8 movies to say that enough is enough.

When I watch the Too Fast Too Furious series, I would expect going back to a very familiar setting, featuring Dom Torretto, Brian O’Conner and their family. Each of them have their own prominent roles, the 2 side chicks, a few smart ones, a cocky one, and the hot girl. Typical. It’s just like any clique you see. But what’s very warm about them is that you see a glimpse of what a perfect friendship should be. They are not only friends, but they are a family.

In this particular movie, we are connected to what has happened in the past. They brought in a few characters from the past movies and forcefully create a storyline that is weak and uninteresting. There wasn’t any climax, no adrenaline rush; I wasn’t excited at all during the whole movie. What used to be a “YES! GO GET THEM YES!” changed to a “Oh, you did that. Typical.”

The only thing I loved was probably the cars and the meaning behind the whole movie – family. It really felt different as Brian O’Conner (played by the late Paul Walker) wasn’t present in the movie and neither was Mia. the 7th movie really did a good job ending their characters as they wanted to concentrate on being a normal family. This new one just seems forced, they even had to add another pretty boy into the mix. But man, did you see how hot Luke Evans was? From The Girl on the Train to Sleeping Beauty to this! Phew. Man. You yummy.

I wish I loved the movie. But i don’t. It’s finally time to stop the series and I believe it to be true. After the whole movie, waited for the end credits and didn’t find any. So, I guess that’s it?

Until next time then, Dom and Letty.


*Man, they are just milking cash on this one.Image result for fast 8

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