March Favorites! (and 1 Fail)

Wow, another month just flew by just like that. Can you believe that a third of the year has gone by? I could sit here and just tell you how amazing this year has been. Without further rambling, here are my March Favorites ~

Giorgio Armani Face Fabric x MUFE Foundation

I’ve been obsessed with this foundation combination, applying it with my HakuHodo Foundation Brush G555 (which is also my favorite this month!). Trying to go back to basics, I’ve recently experimented applying different types of foundations using various methods (other than the Beauty Blender) – fingers, brushes, silisponge. One favorite combination that I found that looks exceptionally nice on my skin is the Giorgio Armani Face Fabric (unfortunately, I heard that this has been discontinued in the states) and Make Up ForEver Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation.

With the most minimum amount, I apply the GA Face Fabric all over my face first as it acts really well as a primer, and MUFE Ultra HD foundation in the center of my face. My MUFE Ultra HD foundation is lighter than my other foundations and since the center of my face is what I want to highlight, applying it in that region will just bring my features out, and it is totally recommended to those with a wider face. This combination wears well up to 8 hours on my skin, which is pretty standard. The result is simple, natural but it covers all that I need it to cover. It definitely does not look heavy, which is what I love about it.

HakuHodo Foundation Brush G555

There are a wide range of brushes made available just for foundation and I am the type of person who can never get enough of brushes. I believe in investing a good brush, albeit its price. Good brushes are worth the investment, and in my opinion, the softest but sturdiest brushes goes to those from Japan. My favorite brand for brushes is HakuHodo. The price? Not flattering. Each face brush ranges from $40USD, but let me tell you, they are worth it. The brushes are all made of animal hair – Blue Squirrel, Horse hair, Goat, etc. This particular foundation brush has been with me from 2013. It still looks like new, despite of its handle. It is really trusty in blending foundations as it is shaped like a stippling brush, but it is packed and dense so buffing and blending is easier. HakuHodo is stationed at the top tier of foundation brushes and I totally recommend at least buying one. One similar brand that I know of is Volare Cosmetics which is available in Indonesia. When I had my make up class with Vinna Gracia, we compared the two – not exactly the same but somewhat similar.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

Here’s one brand that I’ve yet to talk thoroughly about. There was a time when MUG eyeshadows were such a huge hit in the YT world. But hey, sometimes things get really hyped up and youtubers just lure a lot of people to buying products that aren’t even worth it. This isn’t the case. Like all eyeshadow brands, some eyeshadows may come off as patchy, some may come off perfect. It really depends. But hey, $6 is a steal in my opinion.

4 colors that stood out to me this month — Barcelona Beach, Unexpected, Vintage, Mesmerized, all of which are cool toned colors. Experimenting with new colors, I have been trying out purple-ish shadows this month. On Asian skintones like mine, I think jewel tone colors tend to suit our eyes nicely. After all, brown and black are two colors that are overused. You want colors but still remain on the natural side? Try putting on purple! One tip I can give you is to get a dark purple and mix it with you dark grey/black. It translates nicely on the outer corner of your eyes which does not look as harsh as a black eyeshadow will.

Okay, enough rambling. Back to the shadows. Barcelona Beach is a classic cool toned taupe color. There are many other brands with this exact color but I love how easily this color blends on my lids.

Unexpected is a cool toned lavender color which is a nice transition color, and Vintage is that dark purple that I use on the outer corner of my eyes. It creates dimension without being too harsh.

MUG has a line of foiled eyeshadows which are meant to be applied with a wet brush, in this case, mine is a shade called Mesmerized. It is amazing and it can look like you have glitter/foil look on your eyes. Perfect for party make up.

All of MUG shadows are smooth and buttery. They are cruelty free and made in the USA.

Katy Perry x CoverGirl – Katy Kat Matte

CoverGirl does one of the best natural colored lipsticks in the drugstore. There, I said it. I’ve been in love with CoverGirl lipsticks for a long time and I remember so many YouTubers collect them like crazy. Some say Maybelline has the best ones – nope, not for me. Katy Perry is not only one of my favorite singers, she is also one of the Hollywood celebrities who I admire most. I love her, she’s so unique and I love her style. So when she collaborated with Cover Girl, I knew I had to support her. I bought these two lippies in the CVS near my sister’s place in Seattle. The two colors I picked up were Coral Cat and Sphynx. Sphynx is a pink nude, Coral Cat is coral (duh?). Love the formula, love the color. Sometimes I really do miss the classic lipstick formula instead of all the fancy smanzy liquid lipsticks. Recommended!

Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner

I bought a sample size in Sephora for $15, if I recall correctly. It has helped me a lot in quick cleaning my brushes , especially when I am applying make up on a client’s face. I like using this for my eyeshadow brushes. It comes with a small aluminum cup to pour the liquid into for easier cleaning.

Nars blush in ‘Deep Throat’

Nars and their blush names are the best. I love the sexual references, it just makes them… them. Some people might find them too vulgar, but please… LIVE A LITTLE!

Deep Throat (I still giggle everytime I tell someone the name of this blush) is a sheer peach with a hint of pink with a golden sheen. Sounds a lot like Orgasm huh? I like this better. Deep Throat appears to be more peach than pink, whereas Orgasm is the opposite. It suits my skintone better but I do love them both. I will be purchasing a full sized one if I hit pan on this. I never really hit pan on blushes though since I have quite a lot and I rotate between all of them. This is worth the purchase if you have a skin color similar to mine. Pair with with a brown natural eye look and a nude lip.

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in Airplane Mode

I have this soft spot for nude peach colored anything. I think it was ever since I discovered that the color peach indeed looks really good on Asian skintones. This reminds me a lot of Exposed from Kylie Cosmetics. Remember the whole “Are Kylie and Colourpop the same thing?” saga where people were debating it out. I, for one, think that they are. If you notice,  all of Kylie shades are dupable with what Colourpop has. But! Colourpop only launched the nude shades months after Kylie launched hers. Notice the timing?

Anyhoots, I like this color. Many people say that Colourpop is drying/disgusting and the color does not look the same as it looks on the packaging. Colorwise, I do agree. But then again, all cosmetic brands are usually not accurate in this one. I think Colourpop isn’t drying on my lips. If anything, it was just perfect and stayed all day on my lips. My lips are pretty important to me, so I do take good care of them. I exfoliate them religiously and apply lip balm almost every night.

At $6, can you actually complain?

I feel like I have to include this because I don’t get the trend:


I will never understand nor am I willing to investigate why silisponge is a thing, ever. I see all sorts of weird techniques these days – the weirdest was inserting your beauty blender inside a condom and applying your foundation with it. Err…… that’s gross yo.

And to be honest, what’s the whole point of that? So you won’t waste product? Tell me, how often do you finish a whole bottle of foundation? By the time you get to the bottom, you would probably need to chug your foundation out.

Silisponge is one thing I don’t quite understand. (I even have to repeat myself) To me, it looks like the gel insole that you insert into your heels – right right? I bought mine from some random Instagram shop and tried it. Gross. I hate it. It did not blend well. My foundation just sits on my face and it looked patchy and …. just sloppy. Nope. Nope. Nope.

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