My Experience with Rollover Reaction. + GIVEAWAY!

With the rise of e-commerce in Indonesia, every other person I know is, one way or another, developing their very own e-commerce brands or is working for one. You may find it a surprise but online shopping has only started recently when I came back to Jakarta in 2014. It was still new and the majority did not know how it worked so the system is only available to a niche market, those who only understood how to electronically transfer their funds.

In 2017, I see a vast change in the industry. E-commerce has provided many people with jobs from all level. I see a rise in transport/courier companies, creative design houses, etc. Overall, I would say that Indonesia is heading towards the right direction.

One aspect of e-commerce that Indonesia is lacking of is in their service. I’ve had a handful of really bad experiences only to be left disappointed. Why can’t Indonesia be as good in Customer Service as the U.S? I can even name various online shops with unproductive admins who takes ages to verify a payment to late deliveries to outdated stock items on their website, all of which to only show how unprofessional they are.

One particular experience I would like to talk about is one with Rollover Reaction. I would like to assume that what I have with them is a two-sided relationship – I’ve supported them from their very first launch and have “terrorized” them when their products weren’t available at the said launch date. Not in any way saying that they are a perfect company, but I’d say they are leading in terms of the level in service.

When they had their Birthday Giveaway, my immediate instinct was “damn, I want to join!”. If you’ve been a follower of mine on Instagram, you’d know that I love their lip crèmes and I’ve always taken flatlay photos of their products as they just look so aesthetically good – simple, sleek, classic. One of the requirements for the flatlay photo competition was to include their Birthday stickers, which I don’t have as I haven’t purchased any of their products recently. Stickers are included only in recent purchases.

I DM’ed Rollover Reaction on Instagram, nicely asking if I could be sent the stickers as I want to join the competition and state that I’ll be glad to even pay for the shipping! What can you say, I just love stickers! At first, they just read my message and I allowed one whole night for them to reply.

No reply.

I grew quite disappointed and DM’ed them again asking whether it is possible, as the giveaway was ending in a few days’ time, and I told them I was disappointed as I’ve supported Rollover Reaction 100% from the start and I didn’t even get a reply back. The admin at that time replied me asking me to email to the customer service email. One thing I was confused with was how is the Customer Service handling the Instagram and Email different? Don’t they have a group chat where all the admins can cross communicate with the founders, hence making the line of communication shorter? How inefficient would that be if they would ask each customer to email when they can easily communicate with them through Instagram? What difference would that make?

But I did. I emailed them, asking them the exact thing and screenshotting the conversation I’ve had because by this time, I was tired by asking for the said stickers.

No reply.

Mind you, 2 days has passed.

In that very night, I wrote a really long message expressing my disappointment at the brand. I totally understand that they are a “new” company (I even followed the founders on Instagram and stalk them because I love Rollover Reaction that much!) and that they are still building a team whatsoever, but how can they just let this slide? No replies, inefficient solutions.

But this time, I think it was the owner who DM’ed me back using RR’s Instagram. She offered to send my RR’s Birthday Kit and thank me for my support, she even told me that she read my blog (!!!) which I truly appreciate but told her that perhaps a little more work needs to be done. I highly appreciate this company’s service; they admitted to their faults and apologize, whereas most online shops just don’t care, all they care is about your purchase. Once money is transferred to them, bye bye off you go.

E-commerce business owners do not understand how important service is. Look at various e-commerce companies in the U.S and how they succeeded – it’s their service and the value they hold behind each and every product they are selling.

This isn’t the first time I was surprised with RR’s service. There was once they had a mix up with orders and our orders were delivered late, but as compensation, I was given a 20% off discount. I know this sound like all I was asking for is free stuff/discount, but no, I wasn’t. If I were, I wouldn’t have bought all their shades! I have loved them from the start and have always raved about them to my friends and on my blog. They are my favorite local lippies.

Thank you RR for raising the bar up so high for other companies so they all strive to be as good as you. I wish you a very blessed birthday and a successful year ahead.

For Giveaway details, head to my Instagram @celinedee__



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