Best of Beauty 2016

Happy New Year!!!!

I know I have not been updating this blog nor my instagram since I’ve been on a no-makeup-buy for a few months! I am, however, still buying make up online. So… technically I’m failing miserably. Furthermore, it’s almost halfway through the month and I really have to get this post up!

Now that some of you have asked me for it… here’s my Best of Beauty 2016. I am focusing and prioritizing make up products that were released in 2016 or those that I’ve only bought in 2016. I won’t say I’ve tried A LOT of make up products, but I’ve tried some here and there. Of course, I don’t want to only talk about high end products but I’ll also suggest drugstore alternatives to you sisters out there wanting to save some money. Keep in mind that these product suggestions are based on my opinion and my skin. What may work on me may not work on you.
Here goes –
Face Primer
I’ve only gotten into using primers this year after taking a class with Vinna Gracia. It is proven that primers do indeed let your makeup last longer, and also providing a poreless, smooth canvas so that your skin looks close to perfection. But I’ve never been a huge fan of primers as they tend to break me out because of the silicone present. With sensitive skin like mine, the only primer I discovered that lasts a good amount of time and does not break me out is the Too Faced Prime & Poreless. A great drugstore alternative would be the Maybelline Baby Face. But with price, comes the quality. I feel that the Maybelline primer do not last as long as the Too Faced one and slips and slides after a good 5-6 hours on me.
Eyelid Primer
My favorite eyeshadow will always be the NARS smudge-proof eyeshadow base. Hands down the best eyeshadow primer for oily lids and it literally lasts the whole day on me.
At first, I really don’t want to believe the hype, especially with how the beauty industry works recently… Paying influencers to hype up a product – really not my thing and it’s not something I support. But this seriously is amazing. Taking advantage of the free samples in Sephora in the US, this foundation was one on top of my list to try. It was highly anticipated and did not disappoint. I literally received compliments on my complexion every time I have this on. It’s none other than the Too Faced Born This Way foundation. Highly recommended as it is matte yet it’s not a dead matte. It’s a medium coverage foundation which isn’t too heavy for daily use.
One from the drugstore that stood out to me was Milani’s Conceal & Perfect. This is a full coverage foundation which is so affordable but is better than expected. It photographs pretty well also. But the shade range sucks and I always need to mix it to get my shade or else it would have been too yellow/orange.
I would recommend the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette but wayyyy too many people have written about it so I’ll be writing my next favorite which is the Mario Palette. I get it, I get it, some people do not get the hype but I find it to be amazing. Yes it lacks a dark color for the outer crease and the only transition shades are Violetta and Lula (one is too cool and another is too warm), but I seriously think the palette has one of the best quality in terms of formula and pigmentation. The colors look so great on fair to dark skintones and you rarely get that in a palette. Marina and NYC are my favorite shades.
One alternative from the drugstore would be the Covergirl trunaked Goldens. I love the cool fall colors which reminded me a lot of the Mario Palette. This palette is also really forgiving to those who are new to eyeshadows as they have all the colors you need for a smoky or an easy eye look. Super convenient and totally worth the price.
One honorable mention would be Make Up Geek eyeshadows. These aren’t too readily available in Indonesia as they are not as marketed/hyped up as the other brands. But honestly, I think at $6 a pop, you can’t go wrong. One particular shade that was so popular is Cocoa Bear and I understand why. I’m in love with Barcelona Beach which is a cool-toned taupe which I love using on my crease as a transition shade.
NYX Tres Jolie gel eye liner deserves this spot. Kathleen Lights loves it and so must do I.
Still in love with my one and only Cle De Peau eyebrow pencil. It’s gonna be hard to replace it.
The Make Up Geek contour powder surprises me with the quality and blendability. It is the closest thing I found to my Kevyn Aucoin contour powder which costs only a fraction. It does not go on as seamless as my KA, but this is a great dupe.
Hourglass Blushes hands down are my favorite this year as I rediscovered an oldie – the Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat. It gives me natural rosiness which isn’t too overpowering. Just a hint of pink.
You know it – I would totally say it’s the RCMA No Color Powder that EVERYONE has been raving about on YouTube this year.
Lip product
Rollover Reaction. Are you even surprised?20065a35-f3f0-4d2a-8edf-dae60339b6c5
Some brands that I think really stepped up their game in 2016 are RCMA, Too Faced and Tarte. Although I didn’t get to try anything from Tarte, I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about it. I love their blush in Exposed and will always be one of my faves. I’ve got to try a few RCMA products and I love each and everyone of them. Perhaps I will be doing an RCMA dedicated post soon. Too Faced is just so amazing even though they spent wayyyy too much on PR in 2016. However, their products are really amazing.
I’m sorry this is such a brief post but I would love to read your Best of Beauty in 2016 and share your thoughts in my comment box! I always read and reply, I especially love your questions! Cheers to a wonderful year!!!


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