REVIEW : Anastasia Master Palette by Mario

I’ve been meaning to write this up last week but didn’t find a chance to. Juggling work, life and my ‘me’ time, I sometimes lack motivation doing other obligations. But here I am. One of Fall’s most anticipated releases is the Anastasia Master Palette by Mario. I know I’ve been waiting for it ever since it was announced, because heck, we just need another Kardashian-related product in our lives, don’t we?

Everything the Kardashian-Jenner clan touches turns to gold. Fortunately for Mario, he was discovered by Kim K before the peak of her fame and together, they changed the make-up world with contouring, baking, smoky sultry earthy tone shadows.


And that’s what this exactly is. Elegantly packaged in black and gold, the shadows are housed in a fairly thin cardboard, each shadow weighing around 0.025mg and the whole palette is priced at $45. Pretty steep increase from the other Anastasia palettes. (FYI, Anastasia BH is also Kim K’s brow stylist, so there you go. Collabs.)


The formula itself in my opinion is very buttery smooth, and velvety to touch. However, these formulas tend to be very soft and it can result in a lot of fall outs. I would suggest applying your foundation after your shadow to prevent it from ruining your face make up. The formula is easily blendable, and isn’t patchy or powdery at all. One thing I notice as I start using it is that the shadows can get a little messy  all over the box. It is quite crumbly (due to how soft the shadows are) and my box became pretty dirty after playing around with it.


This earthy-toned palette suits all colors of skin in my opinion. It is a very warm palette, with a few cool-toned ones like Claudia. To break it down, this palette is very gold. I noticed a lot of gold specks of glitters in a lot of the shadows. Most of the shadows I really love, with the exception of Violetta, which is a tad bit patchy on me. It’s a warm reddish brown color for the crease or the outer corners of your eye. It reminds me of Cabin Fever by MUG.


If you need a palette for a night party look, this is it. But if you’re more of a neutral everyday eye look kinda girl, pass on this.


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