October Favorites… (and 2 regrets!)

Here’s my very first Favorites post and I’ve always been writing it all this time on Instagram. So glad I have this blog now to give a more in-depth review. Enjoy.

YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer ($52USD)

I made it a point to pick up this primer when I was in Seattle in September. Never had I make it a point to apply primer before foundation, but I decided to make it a habit ever since I first tried this.
It looked stunning when I first put it on my face during my makeup class with Vinna (@vinnagracia). It was her recommendation as this primer really blurs your imperfection and makes your makeup stay put for a long time. It’s true.
However, this primer is probably too hydrating for those with oily skin. The gold flecks in the primer do give a brightening glow underneath your make up, perhaps it might look a little too shiny. I realized that my T-zone looked pretty shiny, especially if I decide to highlight my nose. This primer is still awesome, none the less, it masks out my pores and makes foundation application go on smoothly.


RCMA 4 Color Kit ($27USD)
This is another recommendation from a professional make up artist. I had it tried on my face and was shocked that a color as dark as MB-8 would look as good as it did on my skin. It appears really dark on the kit and is a pure brown color. But all you need is really little and it can create what seems to be the perfect contour shade for my skin. I sometimes mix MB-8 with a touch of foundation so it doesn’t appear that dark and more of a shadow. So far, I’ve only used MB-8 on myself as the other colors looked a little bit red. I opted for the 4 color kit because I couldn’t recall which shade was applied on me. Next, I will be buying just MB-8 on its own.
Too Faced Born This Way ($39USD or IDR 550.000 when converted from SGD)
Every time I receive compliments on my skin, it’s usually because I have the Too Faced Born This Way foundation on. After hearing and watching so many people/youtubers raving about this product, I knew I had to get it. I was contemplating between this foundation or the UD All Nighter Foundation or the Kat Von D Lock It foundation and decided that this one’s the perfect one. Not only does it give a demi-matte finish (which I love), it is just simply amazing and photographs really well. It was different when I tried it on. This is easily blendable with a medium coverage, and it doesn’t feel like you have foundation on. It gives that healthy glow to your face. I wear the shade Porcelain, if any of you are wondering. I cannot stop raving about this foundation to everyone and have always bugged encouraged my friends to get it.
NYX Soft Matte Lip creme in Stockholm ($7USD)
This purchase was such a impromptu purchase. I was actually looking for a toilet as we were doing some grocery shopping and only found one inside Bartell Drug. If you don’t know, Bartell Drugs is the equivalency of Ralphs/CVS in Seattle. I love Bartell Drugs only because they have a big range of drugstore make up brand. My intention was to solely borrow the restroom and head out but this caught my eye. NYX was having a buy one get one half one offer, which was so hard to pass up. If I recall correctly, one of this costs $7, and me being bad at math, simple calculation = 50% of $7 is $3.50, so it’d be around $10.50 for 2. What a deal! You can never get that price in Jakarta. So off I bought. and I love it. On me, it is a pinky peach color, reminded me a lot of ESQA’s Coral Tease, but in a better formula. Coral Tease is more dark peach.
Kylie’s Exposed – NYX Stockholm – ESQA’s Coral Tease.
Benefit Ready Set Brow! ($24USD)
Most of you probably only went into the brow trend because of the current hype of the Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade dip brow. For me, my very first brow product was a Benefit brow kit which I believe is discontinued now. So far, I know that Benefit usually does a great job with brow products and they recently launched a massive brow line. One of my all time favorite brow product is the Gimme Brow.
When this came in a set along with the pomade and the highlighter stick, I immediately had to get it. In my opinion, this is the transparent version of the Gimme Brow and I love it. My brows stay put the whole day and look as fresh as I first draw it on at the start of my day.
RCMA No Colour Powder ($12USD at http://www.beautylish.com)
I’ve never been a religious user of finishing powders. First, I find them caking up on my foundation and second, I’ve never found one I truly like. I first bought this in a sample sized jar from @frontcoverrr on instagram. It was for IDR 30.000 and you get a decent amount. All you need is a tiny bit. I don’t bake so I lightly just dust it all over my face. It is awesome. Period. You have to get it as it is so good, so cheap! $12 for a huge bottle! For oily skin girls, I don’t find the need to touch up on my t-zone as soon as other powders. It is a holy grail product for me, and is also highly recommended by Kathleen Lights.
Covergirl truNaked Goldens ($14USD at drugstores)
Tati @glamlifeguru is one of my favorite youtubers of all time and I’ve followed her since the beginning of time. She used this palette in one of her videos and I knew I had to pick it up. I love the mossy green color with gold flecks and give me a pretty nice warm smoky eye. Not all the shadows in this quad is amazing, but at $14, I don’t expect much as well. I love the darker satin shades, simply amazing.
First three shades from the left is super powdery and patchy.
MAC Fix Plus (IDR 120.000 at MAC Airport duty free)
I know I’m super late on this, but recently I’ve been using this on various clients. I know I’m just starting to practice my makeup skills on different faces and sometimes I spray this on my client’s eyelids to make their eyeshadow pop. I also use this to set matte foundation so it doesn’t look too matte. Although it looks just like water, it is pretty multifunction and I think every makeup artist should have one in a hand’s reach.
With every favorites, I think it’s important to include a few regrets. These products may not be your regrets and you may love these products, so don’t be discouraged if I don’t like them. After all, every different person is entitled to his/her own opinion.
First is @madformakeup.co’s Better Beauty Blender. I bought the medium sized, intentionally for contouring. It was hard and it doesn’t blend products very well. I wet it several times and it doesn’t expand and still felt tough to hold. I tried it on a client’s face but had to disregard it as soon as my client complained of its tough texture. As for the name, I’m not sure why they named it the Better Beauty Blender as it is technically incomparable to the original Beauty Blender.
Another regret is the very hyped Kailijumei Lipstick. This lipstick took over the internet and almost every youtuber was talking about it. I first heard it from Tati and Tati actually liked it. Being a fangirl, I figured I had to get it. BUT! I’m not entirely sure if mine was original or not, but mine tasted really bad. It smelt like plastic and tasted like crayons/something super dangerous. It is really pretty but I don’t think it’s worth the hype.
That’s all from me, and I hope you find this helpful. Let me know which products you’ve been loving in the month of October!!

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