REVIEW – Invisible Eyelid Tapes : Miss Bow Bow and Jacquelle


Eyelid tapes have been in trend in Asia for as long as I remember. I know there has been a backlash on why Asians would want to look more Caucasian by taking extreme measures to make their eyes bigger, but that’s not for us to judge. I personally love bigger eyes as it makes my face appear smaller and easier for my eyeshadow to stand out.

Originally born with double eyelids, I still went through a minor non incision surgery to make my double eyelids bigger. However, the thread inserted into my double eyelids gradually unbound after 3 years, it is not permanent. So, I resulted to several types of eyelid tapes.

I have tried several types – there is the sticker eyelid tape, the glue type (where you use a stick to “carve” out your double eyelids), the fiber type and the latest craze, the invisible eyelid tape.

The invisible eyelid type reminds me sort of like a lace filter; yes, that filter you use to separate solid from liquid. It is cut out specially to shape your double eyelids – bigger wider cut outs for smaller eyes, smaller shorter ones for eyelids with double eyelids.


How to:

When you first purchase the eyelid tape, you will be given a pack of 32 pairs of invisible eyelid tapes, 1 tube of glue and a plastic tweezer. The application is very straight forward. Peel off a pair of the tape, rest it on a surface (I use the back of my hand), apply the glue until the covers both the tapes, pick it up with the tweezer, and place it on your eyelid. Make sure the tapes aren’t layered with too much glue, just a thin layer would do. I usually look down and up on a make up mirror to find out where I want my double eyelid tape to go on, because once you put the tape on your eyes (especially when you have eyeshadow on), you can’t take it out unless you mean to ruin your eye make up. This, like all make up application requires practice. It’s good to try on eyes without your eyeshadows done.


I used the MissBowBow eyelid tape on my friend with hooded eyes.

In Indonesia, the two brands I’ve tried are Miss Bow Bow and Jacquelle. Miss Bow Bow was the first brand that I tried and that’s how I got to learn more and more about the invisible eyelid tapes. At IDR 189.000 a package, I felt pretty happy with it as it did what it’s supposed to. They have two options of glue which I think is very helpful, one for sensitive eyes (white) and one for normal eyes (yellow). Both glues are good even on my oily eyelids, although I find that the one for sensitive eyes lasted longer on me. The glue for normal eyes seemed stronger at first, but I have had some occasions when they just decide to peel off in the midst of day, perhaps because of my oily lids.


Aside from two types of glue, Miss Bow Bow also offers two types of style. Both are in the shape of wide crescent moons , much like the shape of your double eyelids, one more concave and one wider.

Here’s a picture in case my description isn’t helpful enough :




I prefer the top left side as the one that’s more concaved does not suit my eye shape. My double eyelids tend to fold downwards when I use this as my eyes are wider than this is intended for.


For using it for a while, I discovered that the sides of the tape will peel off. This would be on the 8 hour bench mark where usually make up products will slowly slide away from your face, so that is still understandable.

All in all, it was just average, does the job right. The price point is rather steep for me but I continued to buy it until I found Jacquelle


Funny story – I was just casually seeing pictures on instagram where I stumbled upon @cynthiafelicia’s instagram. I love her pictures and her make up addiction is undeniable, just like every other instagram accounts I follow. Upon seeing that she loves the Jacquelle invisible eyelid tape, I immediately left a comment asking whether she has tried Miss Bow Bow so she would be able to tell me her thoughts on both. Sadly she hadn’t. So I offered to send her a sheet as I still had a couple; she also offered me to send one of hers so I could try as well. That was how I gained a new friend on Instagram who I could talk to make up with!

The eyelid tape arrived in a few days and I immediately tried it on. My first impression of it was that it was tiny compared to Miss Bow Bow and that’s exactly what I needed as the sides of the tape love to unpeel after a few hours. I used my Miss Bow Bow glue on the Jacquelle eyelid tape and they were a dream pair.


The very next day, I went out to buy the Jacquelle eyelid tape in Fresh Mint, which was the exact one that Cynthia gave me. Jacquelle is not only available online, but they are also available in other retailers such as Seibu, Grand Indonesia, and Sogo Central Park. I bought mine at Blow and Glow, Pacific Place, priced at IDR 90.000.

The package’s contents are exactly the same as Miss Bow Bow’s, except they are different. Jacquelle’s tweezers is better in my opinion, they are sharper and not as flimsy as Miss Bow Bow’s. The glue is also something to take note of. Jacquelle’s glue dries hard, reminds me quite a bit of Miss Bow Bow’s glue for normal eyes. Despite the difference, it still stays well on my eyelids for the whole day without any peeling. The lace on the eyelid tape is denser and not as “invisible” as Miss Bow Bow’s hence it might look a little less natural.


Clearly, to me the winner is Jacquelle’s eyelid tape. The price definitely adds one plus point in my book, and the smaller denser tape is what I needed. I’m officially a Jacquelle convert.


[This post is NOT sponsored and I purchased these all with my own money.]

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