Falsies 101 – Tips & Tricks on False Eyelashes on Asian Eyes



Even before I started putting make up on myself, I loved false eyelashes first. Only later did I learn that false eyelashes are just the perfect finishing touch to a woman’s face. It was also during that trip to Japan that got me so fascinated on the wonders of falsies. I’ve tried it all – cheap falsies, expensive falsies, branded falsies (think MAC, Shu Uemura), eyelash extensions (done in cheap back alley shops in China and in pretentious lash lounges in the States), etc. I am in no way saying that I am an expert in this subject, but I think I have enough experience with lashes to help you girls out there make decisions on which method suits you the best.

[Disclaimer : this is a blog post written by me in 2014 but I still practice the same steps on applying falsies. When I first started blogging in 2014, this post became such a hit. I’ve changed a few things where necessary, but my steps are mainly the same. Last but not least, as always, this post is NOT sponsored.]

Lesson 1: HOW?

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These are my essentials. It’s simple.

All you need are these items:

  • a pair of trusty lashes (read further on picking styles for your eyes!)
  • Eyelash glue (I would recommend KOJI or Japanese brands. I used DUO back when I was in the states and figured that I didn’t like them. They are pricey and does not hol as long as I have oily eyelids)
  • A pair of small scissors
  • Eyelash curler
  • Another thing I’d add is liquid eyeliner (but if you are not an eyeliner user, you can skip this)

Sometimes, girls would not curl their lashes or even apply mascara. It’s totally their choice. But I really don’t like how my natural lashes look if I don’t apply mascara before applying my eyelashes because it’s sometimes obvious, especially if your natural lashes grow straight and downwards (super common for Asians). Mine naturally curls upwards, and they are actually long, but a little sparse.

Applying falsies is actually super easy. But trust me, it requires practice. Maybe a few times before you can actually get hold of applying falsies.


  1. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE DONE YOUR EYE AND FACE MAKE UP, complete with eyeliner and curl your lashes (or apply mascara even!)
  2. Cut the outer corners of your chosen falsies to fit your eyes. TIP! You would want to start from where your natural lashes grow, and end wherever you wish. Sometimes, I like cutting it where my lashes stop for natural, short falsies. For longer, more dramatic ones, I extend its length a little bit more because I am sure I will be applying eyeshadow, which can make my eyes appear bigger.
  3. If you are a beginner, try picking up the middle part of your falsies with a tweezer.
  4. Apply the eyelash glue on the band of your falsies. Be careful not to apply too much or it would just be a sticky mess and some might even get in contact with your eyeballs/natural lashes. Ouch… TIP! Apply more on the outer corners because sometimes the glue can wear off and your falsies will literally be falling off halfway.
  5. Wait for it to get tacky… If you are impatient like me, I suggest blowing gently and wait for about 5 seconds. Another reason why I love Japanese glue is that they dry super fast, but it makes it harder for beginners as it sets really fast as well. Your glue will dry transparent, so don’t worry.
  6. Position your falsies with your fingers/tweezers as close as you can just slightly above your lash line. TIP! I tilt my head up and get close to the mirror to get it perfectly on top of my lash line. TIP#2 I usually connect the middle part of my falsies to the middle part of my eye, and work from there.
  7. Once you are satisfied with where the falsies is placed (assuming you are starting from the middle part), let go of your falsies from your tweezers, and gently “push” your falsies with your fingers/tweezers to secure it in the inner corner of your eyes and the outer part, making sure that it is as close to your lash line as possible. TIP! For the outer part, please try not to follow your eye shape. Instead secure it a little bit above your lash line so your eye looks “lifted” and not turning downwards.


This probably sounds harder than it actually is, so play around with falsies… There are tons and tons of instagram online shops selling good quality ones. I can attest that some brands overseas like House of Lashes, Huda Beauty, Ardell, etc have rebranded lashes that are from Indonesia. You can even find Lavie Lash’s eyelashes sold in bulks for a cheaper price. Really, don’t spend more than $2 per pair unless they are of silk/mink hair. Some Instagram online shops that I usually shop at are @beautelash, @madame_lashes, @bountylashes, @aiglowlashes, @ratubulumata. One selling mink/silk hair at an affordable price is @lucelashes.id.

Again, I highly do recommend buying cheaper ones from those instagram online stores and getting the technique right before investing on an expensive pair! With practice and experience, you would get better and you also would know what type of lashes you love/suits your eye shape!


Lesson 2: WHICH?

First, always try to find lashes that aren’t too stiff. Aim to find human hair/horse hair/synthetic but make sure it’s soft because your eye area is very sensitive. You won’t want the falsies to cause any discomfort because that will ruin your day (and makeup)!

Asians have two types of eyes – mono lids/hooded eyes, or double lidded. The thing that urls me sometimes is when people can’t figure out which types of lashes suit their eyes the most. Sometimes, I would see a girl with caterpillar eyelashes. You know you’ve seen one before, it looks thick and too unnatural. What I think girls should aim for is not for it to be obvious, but it should be seen as natural, like we are born with pretty lashes. Not ones that you’d see and be like “Your lashes deserve its own zip code“. The more natural it is, the better. Unless you are out at night or an event (weddings, and whatnot).

Here are my suggestions:

For smaller hooded eyes, aim to find something that will not overwhelm the eye area, like these-


These less voluminous, shorter whispies will allow your eyes to look natural yet giving it an extra something something. Best for natural/no make up look.

For larger, double lidded eyes, I would recommend these-


I love voluminous whispies as they add drama to the eyes and make my small Asian eyes stand out, especially with make up on. They elongate my eyes, giving it the cat-eye effect, paired with a sharp winged liner.

I love Velour’s lashes (middle) as it is short and natural but it has the perfect volume without overwhelming my eyes. With Asian eyes, you won’t want to opt for super thick lashes to the point that it looks unnatural. It is so heavy that you will look like you have two hairy caterpillars on your face.

Of course, these are my suggestions and I am not in any way saying that there are hard written rules on which lashes you want. But always keep in mind that you want natural, good quality ones with a sturdy band. One of the hardest part of finding the perfect lashes is the hair and band – that’s for another post. Hope this helps.


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