Rollover Reaction – Review




By now, I am pretty sure most of you know how much I adore Rollover Reaction. I’m not entirely sure who it is founded by, and I’m sure they are not any type of influencers/personalities in the industry, making RR hyped based on their quality and NOT by the person(s) who is/are behind them. Like every other liquid lipstick brands, they first launched very neutral, wearable shades. There isn’t a problem in that; in fact, I believe in being ‘safe’ when you first launch a business in this market, creating products that will definitely sell.

I find their website, particularly their “About Us” page rather confusing. As I was trying to rephrase their mission statement, I found that I can’t really find a one-liner that I can use to describe RR. What stood out the most is the fact that their products aims to make everyone “feel good about themselves in the best possible way, without giving too much time and effort to get it done”.

At IDR 119.000 a piece, I think it’s definitely worth it as this lip product doubles as a blush. I’ve tried it on and they really proved to be amazing as blushes as well. You are getting two uses in one product.



My orders have come in various packaging. One of my first orders of Lizzie came in an ordinary envelope. But what surprised me is how they are always improving even the smallest aspect of their product packaging. My Maxwell order came in a small brown paper bag, completed with a RR sticker and a small card explaining what Maxwell is and who they were collaborating with (in this case, Kak Puch and Ykha Amelz). It was well-designed as it was hand-drawn by Ykha Amelz (pictured below, most left) and stayed true to their brand. My next few orders came in a light peachy pink box with gold pressed letterings which I think is super classy and girly at the same time. With the latest launch of #TheClique, a card insert was also provided (much like Maxwell’s) to introduce the product to the buyers. All orders are safely packed with bubble wrapping.


Okay, enough about the outer packaging. To me, their lipstick tube is the most average part of the whole product. I love the lipstick box that came with it, different lipsticks have different colored boxes, and I know for a fact that they’ve changed the lipstick boxes twice (the older packaging is the third box from the left). The tube is made of frosted plastic with a black plastic cap, the whole shape is square in shape, much like Sleek’s Matte Me liquid lipsticks.

In my opinion, unlike Sleek’s Matte Me, it was rather hard to know which shade is which because of the frosted finish of the tube. My only complain also is that the sticker beneath the tube itself sometimes peel off (or don’t come with it, my Lucy tube didn’t come with a sticker).IMG_4137.JPG


I may sound super biased but I think this might be one of my favorite liquid lipstick formulas. That is a big statement coming from me as I’m always very picky (with everything!). The formula is creamy, and it looks thick but it actually isn’t. I would describe it more as moussey. It dries as a semi-matte look without drying your lips at all.


Upon application, it glides on seamlessly on your lips and doesn’t feel that it’s setting straight away, allowing you to play around with it, either building it up or thinning it down by tapping it all over your lips with your finger. It makes sense why the formula is like that as it is also a blush. But my tip is to apply just a little, by dotting it ever so slightly on your cheeks for a flush (especially so with Maxwell).

With the darker colors, I find that some of them can apply a little patchy. But it is expected as darker colors requires more pigments. Usually one swipe of a dark color isn’t enough for me. I usually have to dip the spooley in twice to get a bold color. Then again, my favorite way of applying this product is to dab it on my lips with my finger.

The formula can dry as powdery if a thick layer of it is applied. I find that the only way to prevent this is to take a piece of tissue and purse your lips against it; it will eliminate that powdery feeling if you mind it a lot.


Staying Power    

Rollover Reaction’s staying power isn’t too great, but they have never market it as long-lasting anyway. It is not transfer-proof and they provide a slight stain on your lips. I personally do not mind the stain at all. On me, it transfers on my cups every time I take a sip of water. Hence, the lipstick only stays around 3 hours before I need to reapply it.

You know how some liquid lipsticks are just so ugly when you reapply it the second time? This does not look ugly a single bit, it just looks like a fresh coat.



All in all, I think you may already guessed that my favorite local lippies are from Rollover Reaction. They are innovative (first local lippie that can be used as a blush!), unique (the colors and brand identity that they’re going for) and so worth it (not too high of a price to make you think that you’re going to be broke after purchasing one)! They have a beautiful shade range – Maxwell, Livv, Moss and Umma for the bold and daring, Saddie, Sally for those who love pinky shades, Prudence and Lucy for Peach-orange shades and last but not least, one of my favorites, Lizzy for those who love nude colors.


My personal favorites are Maxwell, Lizzy, Saddie, Sally, Moss and Umma. I especially love Lizzy to tone down a smoky eye and Saddie and Sally for day to day colors. Maxwell is also absolutely divine, and I’ve recommended it to many many many of my friends as it is the perfect color on our Asian skintone with a little brown-orange in it.

One thing I should mention also is that I am very satisfied with their customer service. There was a problem with one of my orders, and I emailed them regarding it. Not only were they professional and prompt in their replies, but they also added a discount code for my future order. I know everyone loves a good discount but it’s the thought that counts, which totally explains why I have all their shades.

It’s really hard for me to say which liquid lipstick RR is most similar too as they have their own unique formula, but I’d say a close one with be NYX’s Velvet Lip Creme but more moisturizing and doesn’t look flaky on your lips, or in other words, they do not settle on your dry lips. But then again, you’d need to take extra steps in order for any lip product to look good on you.

Many people have asked which shade they should get as their first and my answer is simple – for a bold shade, get Umma or Moss, or a classic pink, get Saddie, for a nude get Lizzy. And I promise you, after then onwards, you will never stop at one.


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