BLP Beauty – Review


BLP Beauty is founded by Lizzie Parra hence the name By Lizzie Parra. Following the trend of liquid lipsticks, it was also recently launched beginning of this year. They launched a total of 8 shades, most of them are very wearable for day-to-day. According to their website, “beauty is supposed to be effortless and it should be really more of you than anything else”. I can 100% attest that they kept to their mission statement.

These lippies were such a hit that they are often sold out within hours of restocking. I only own 4 of their shades – Bloody Mary, Butter Fudge, Lavender Cream and Peppermint Pink. Priced at IDR 129,000, in my opinion, the price is on the average side. Most liquid lipstick brands of quality are of the same price range.



Their packaging is very Glossier-inspired with the light pink and white theme. I think it really reflects on Kak Lizzie (some people call her Kak Icil) and her YouTube videos are they are very light and airy. There’s nothing wrong with following the steps of Glossier’s theme of colors. The packaging is sturdy and made of glass, much like Esqa’s, but instead of a transparent glass packaging, BLP’s is made of frosted glass. I have no complaints on the packaging itself. But a little thing to point out is that the sticker beneath the tube often falls out. Mine did and I have a hard time sometimes to figure out which color is which.



The formula is a tad bit lighter than Esqa’s, but not as light as Kylie’s. To me, it is the perfect formula for a day-to-day use. It doesn’t dry as fast as Kylie’s and Esqa’s. I found that it is also more moisturizing than those two said brands. BLP promoted this particular liquid lipsticks as lip coats. It is not transfer proof; I have worn the lippie for the whole day without any discomfort.


The shades I would recommend from the ones I purchased is Peppermint Pink (for lighter shade girls) and Lavender Cream (for darker shade girls), or Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary, in my opinion, is a universal shade that can’t go wrong. Both girls with darker and lighter skin can pull it off. Peppermint Pink is a true light pink color, which is ideal for a day time look. For a darker purple-y sorta color, go for the Lavender Cream.

I find that the shades by BLP Beauty is also heavily inspired by the Kylie Liquid Lipsticks. For instance, Peppermint Pink can be a dupe for Koko K, Lavender Cream for Posie K, and Butter Fudge for Exposed. Bloody Mary stands on its own, being a cool tone-d deep red.

Staying Power

Staying power of BLP beauty’s lippies is standard. I would need to touch up after a meal. Touching up is not required too often and it is comfortable on your lips. But there are instances where I touched up the second time and the layer flakes a bit. So make sure you remove the leftover lippies from your first application before applying it the second time. It does not look good if you apply the second coat on top of the first one.



BLP Beauty is the true standard of a good liquid lipsticks, but that is just what it is – just good. Average, if you may say. I guess I have really high standards when it comes to make up. I believe it is worth the price at IDR 129,000 a pop, with beautiful packaging and highly wearable colors. The colors are also catered to different skin types. I have seen BLP Beauty’s instagram tagged photos are the colors look amazing on different girls. Their Customer Service is also top-notch. I would definitely repurchase this lippie.


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