ESQA – Review



ESQA is the newest player in the game. Launched only the second half of the year, it has been seen on various make up artists’ instagram. It has also been spotted on an abundant influencers, socialites and celebrities. I have to admit, these girls are smart and their marketing plan is flawless. But can I say the same thing about their products?

They first came out with the balm and the liquid lipsticks, both of which have different color ranges. As I’ve mentioned on my instagram, I first hesitated again and again, keep adding it to my cart but my heart and mind can’t agree on the same decision as the colors are easily dupable. Hence, there are many times I failed to make the payment.

ESQA launched Coral Tease the same time I started liking nude peachy lips on myself and of course, being an impulsive person, I went online straight away on the first day they launched and ‘Add to Cart’.



When I received the package, I was pretty disappointed I didn’t get the pretty packaging that everyone’s been instagramming. I guess it makes sense that you need to buy 2 liquid lipsticks in order for it to be shipped in a box, but at a price of Rp. 204.000 a pop, I think they shou0ld have gone all the way with the packaging, not discriminating those who only buy one lipsticks. The lipstick is in –what looks like- an expensive glass bottle (much like Kylie’s) with a rose gold cap. It feels really sturdy. You get 4g of product in one tube, just a little more compared to Kylie (3.75g).


Kylie‘s Exposed – Esqa‘s Coral Tease – Rollover Reaction‘s Lizzy – BLP‘s Butter Fudge – NYX’s Stockholm (bought from CVS)



Formula-wise, I’m not the biggest fan. It first applies beautifully, and glides perfectly on the lips. One swatch does the job of covering my whole lips. The formula is super easy to work with – not too liquidy, nor too mousey; it does not slip and slide. I think another highlight is ESQA’s wand. I think their wand is perfect. The length of the applicator is as long as your lips, making it really easy to apply it in just one swipe. The slanted part is also amazing in applying the product to the tip of the cupid’s bow.

After some time of applying, I felt that it was really sticky when I pursed my lips together and it settled on my lip’s fine lines, making it super unflattering. It might be perhaps I have not exfoliated and moisturized but the other liquid lipsticks have never made my lips this way except for My Beauty Story (also a local liquid lipstick line).



The staying power is really good, I have to admit. These formulas tend to have a long staying power, but you can’t get all the good in one product. Give and take. So basically this is the formula = moisturizing formula = the staying power won’t be too long; drying = long staying power.


I don’t hate this product, I feel like hate is a really extreme word. I’ve used it a couple of times since I bought it, but I can sometimes be bothered by the stickiness. It is still a pretty color and amazing staying power, however I do not like how it looks like when applied on my lips. I would rate it a 3/5, and I’d only repurchase if they improve the formula or when they launch a shade that isn’t dupable.

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