Indonesia’s Liquid Lipsticks Review (and hello from me!)

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Keeping up with make-up trends isn’t easy. Recently, there has been a whirlwind of new local make up companies popping up and their first product is, you guess it – liquid lipsticks.

Ever since Kylie Jenner first launched her liquid lipstick line, every other make up company went on board. Some did it well, others didn’t.

As my first ever blog installment, I will be discussing 3 highly coveted liquid lipstick lines, produced locally – ESQA, Rollover Reaction and BLP (By Lizzie Parra). Why only these three? Because these three are the most highly hyped lines in my opinion. You see every other girl in Indonesia either wearing it, promoting it or raving about it. All the other remaining girls are just still contemplating to get either one of this (admit it!).

Disclaimer : These are solely MY opinions and how they apply on MY lips. These products may appear/feel/result differently in your skintone or the other girl. I am NOT sponsored by any of these brands, and I bought all of them with my own money. 

I feel like I have to put a disclaimer out there in case any of you are wondering. So let’s get onto the first review.


In case you stumble upon my blog by accident, hello! I started out with an Instagram account with mini reviews and flat lays. I am new to this, so please be patient with my amateur photography skills but I love writing and talking about make up! Stay tuned for reviews and tips from my own experiences. Toodles ~



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